Once Upon a Time Breakaway
Listed below are some things you should bring: Once Upon ~a ~ Time Wilderness Adventures - Links
What To Bring List  
  • A Pack to carry your lunch, water, rain gear, camera and stuff during the day
  • 2 Water Bottles. You can refill your water bottles with our delicious well water.
  • Hiking/Work Boots (for outdoor service projects) AND tennis shoes for leisure time
  • 3 Sets of work clothes you don't mind getting dirty. We highly recommend jeans. Yoga pants will not protect your legs from briars.
  • Warm Jacket, Gloves, and Hat (Very Important!) cotton sweatshirts will not keep you warm
  • Rain Jacket or poncho (this is a rainforest—it rains a lot here)
  • If you choose to go rafting, bring Old Tennis Shoes or Water Sandals with straps (no flip-flops allowed)
  • Towel(s) and Toiletries
  • Sleeping Bag or Warm Blankets
  • Slippers
  • Swimsuit or Shorts and a T-shirt to swim in
  • Flashlight (there are no streetlights or ambient light here in the mountains)

If you choose to do the Wild Daytime Cave Tour at the Lost Sea – bring old clothes and shoes that you can throw away (visit your local thrift store). You'll get red clay mud stains on your clothes and shoes that won't come out.

You may wish to spend some money for Indian crafts, snacks, and supper on your day off. The Snowbird craft shop and Sequoyah Museum take credit cards. Bring a little cash in case you want to buy some hand-beaded necklaces/bracelets made by a young Snowbird Cherokee girl who plays the Fish Game with us.

Average temperatures in March at Once Upon A Time are 45-55 during the day, and 25-45 at night, so it is important to bring warm clothing. It can also get into the 60's or 70's during the day so pack some shorts and T-shirts too. We will be working at higher elevations in the Snowbird community, Cherokee National Forest, and Smoky Mountains so expect cooler temperatures there. Note the snow pictures in the Breakaway 2010 photo album!

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